Palace of Cinderella

December 3, 2007 in music, Suzette Lyn's Music

Music composition of Suzette Lyn Michaelsen

Arranged by Jacob Michaelsen



You were in palace on my dreams

I was a cinderella on your place

I danced on the center, in the palace

And sang with gladness as a cinderella



In my palace, I held you tight

In my palace, I could dance with you

In the palace, I owned; I crowned

In the palace you were mine



In the palace of my dreams you were mine

In the palace of my loneliness

I dreamt with you, Oh darling



Cinderella tales came true because of you

You’re the prince and the man of my dreams

My wish came true because you own the palace of my dreams



A rare story as they say

A fairy tale that came true

But this is real

You are mine

Im now in the palace as a cinderella



Suzette Lyn
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