10 Don’ts on dating with a strong woman

Dating a strong woman is a bit challenging.  She knows what she wants and no one can ever change her mind, not unless the guy is used to manage a strong woman.  And if you are not; let me tell you some tips on how to date a strong woman like me, and these are all based on my personal experiences.

1. Don’t brag yourself

I seriously got offended when a guy asking for a date texted pictures of his house. He gave me all the specifications of his house without me asking for it. 
“Is it really necessary to show me all those pictures just to ask me for dinner?”, I was thinking to myself.  

He shows his wealth to me in order to cover up for his insecurity. A strong woman would never go on a date with a low self-esteem man. She prefers a confident guy so bragging will never impress her.

2.  Don’t talk about 50/50 bill

A strong and confident woman should feel cherished.  The reason you must show how important and valuable she is on first date.  When you ask for a 50/50 bill, she might get an impression that she is not precious enough to take out.

A strong woman doesn’t think about possessions, but appreciation.  Contrary to this, if a strong woman don’t like you, she might insist to pay the Bill.

A guy onced paid the bill on our first date, But told me that I am going to pay on our next date.  Of course the next date never happened.

3. Don’t talk about money

Some guy thinks that they can impress a strong woman by telling her about thier Earnings. A strong woman don’t depend on others livelihood. So telling 7-8 digits does not interest her at all.

4. Don’t wikepedia

I had an experience that the guy was trying to impress me with some topics about atoms and the universe.  But it was too obvious and and knew that he was a fake. 

When you’re dating a strong woman, you need to show the real you instead of acting like Einstein.  A strong woman knows if the man is proficient enough.

5. Don’t ever play the game

Never ever play a strong woman’s mind.  She immediately notice if everything is real or exaggerated. She can even notice if you’re having a bipolar disorder.

6. Don’t talk too much

Sometimes it is hard to find a topic to talk about, especially on the first date. Ask her questions and listen to her.   Don’t end up telling your problems in life. Remember, a strong woman is not an or your personal therapist.

7. Don’t pretend to get her laid

A strong woman may know if youre just only after into sex. If that is your intention, Never even ask her for a date if you don’t feel like being dumped.

7. Don’t underestimate

Never underestimate the capability of a strong woman. She manage “handyman stuff” and changing wheels on her car. You might offend her saying something like “You cannot hang that lamp, you don’t have any idea about it“. And by the way, it is an extra turn off if you cannot even hang the lamp yourself

8. Don’t be so sugary 

Being too sweet will not impress a strong woman. Saying stuff like “Hello Sweetheart, don’t forget to eat you dinner”, “Hello sweetheart don’t forget to take more clothes it’s getting cold now”.

Are you babysitting? A strong woman knows how to take care of herself and she don’t like to be told what to do. And by the way, never call her sweetheart

9. Don’t ask her to be her chaperon

A strong woman is individualistic. She wants her own space, so never insist to be part of her activities.  

A guy tried to involve himself in my travellings, even my plan of visiting CERN. It is a real turn off. I have something to explore and I want to explore things either alone or with someone who has the same interests

10.  Don’t insist

If you Are asking a strong woman for a date, never ever insist or pressure her.  Never ever tell her “Think about it, you might get a good dinner and an expensive bottle of wine”.