Now that you’re gone

January 1, 2012 in featured, journal

During the wake of my dad, there was a poweroutage in the town of Siniloan. But it was only more or less four minutes. I was washing some grapes so i could give it to my mom when i thought of turning on the electric generator. “Oh yea. Daddy, turn on the generator!” I said to his coffin.

Oh yea. This is the begining of a new life for us, de Roma family. We Normally shout out, “Daddy!.. …..” almost everyday.. Almost everything we do in our lives. We depended to him.

What do i mean about that? There are some things that i can only tell to one person, and that is only to my dad. Something that i cannot tell to my friends neigther to my husband or avoiding to post it to my facebook.

Taken first week of december 2011

Taken first week of december 2011

16 december 2011 i called my dad cause as I told things that i cannot post on my status in facebook. I said to him “daddy, i have a problem, a really big problem that was bothering me horribly”. Then he replied woried “what was it?”, “Daddy, im starting to have a wrinkle.”

Simple things like that. Makes us afraid to face another tomorow without daddy. It is probably a wake up call for us to learn to live life by ourselves. But its ok.. Manageble. We can easily make things alright..

But the most diffuclt things are.., Now.. He’s gone and i cannot see him any more. Now that he’s gone.. I cant ring him and tell him things that i cannot tell to anyone. My daddy is gone..

And im afraid that im going to miss him so much.

“Daddy, tell me how to accept that you’re gone. “

Suzette Lyn
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