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June 30, 2008 in article

June 30, 2008

Hey let me tell you a secret of my two filippina friends (sssshhhh). Friend no. 1 is currently married to a Danish man and Friend no.2 is currently having a German boyfriend.

We talked so much about our partners (girls talk).  Friend no. 2 said “My boyfriend is always sleeping.. Now I’m afraid to marry him.. What if…  I want to have sex and he cannot do it because he just loves to sleep.”

I answered her and said to her “Oh my husband said that its our fault.. because Filipina’s makes them tired.. hahaha..”


inTense Love and Communication

Actually because of these I learned that our Danish and German partners are very different to Filipino guys.  Honestly my husband likes touching, holding hands and cuddling..  than.. having sex….

We  always planning a night that is just for the two of us. It does not have to be going out to dinner. We always have 3-4 hours of uninterrupted time while are kids are sleeping where we need to feel each other and express the intimacy of our love.

Communication is one area that seems to fall away with our busy lifestyles that’s why it is very important for us to talk. We rather tell our boring stories every day than to spend in front of the Television…  because we are so happy to hold and embrace each other..

I also love to ask my husband on why he loves me.  It’s a very enchanting feeling to talk about it.. hahaha (What was your first reaction on the first time you saw me? When was the time you fell in-love on me?)


I have another Filipina friend who is also married to a Danish guy.  Her husband is so busy and stress with his current job to the point that they never had time for sex.  One day my friend complained to him and said“Are you impotent?  Why you don’t wanna have sex with me anymore?”hahaha

I also have a thailander friend who is also married to a Danish.. She said to us that they have sex twice a month.

I used to tell my husband that saying,”I love you,” is not enough because it is very important to show his love for me physically as well as emotionally.

For me intimacy is that physical closeness that two people have for one another.  Sex does not have to be scheduled all the time, but if we are going more than two weeks without it, Oh definitely… im going to remind him and make a (sabotage) date.


“May Your presence, most Sacred Heart of Jesus, ever bless our home and fill it with the virtues so perfectly practiced in Your own Holy Family at Nazareth.  Protect us from all dangers, bless our endeavors and keep always in our family the spirit of love, peace and happines. Amen”

Suzette Lyn

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