A song for my Daddy

January 25, 2012 in music, Video

Lino A. de Roma

In you my God

Music : Jacob Michaelsen
18:20 Jan 24, 2010
Lyrics: Suzette Lyn Michaelsen

If the journey of my life ends here
I am ready for your call
And I’ll say ”Take my soul Oh Lord”
I’m now ready to be with you

I’m gonna give back the life I borrowed
You can now lift my soul
I’m ready to be with You Oh Lord
I’ll follow You Oh God


In You my God my body will rest in hope
I’ll hold your hand and Praise Your name
In You my God my body will rest in Peace
This is the day I’m longing for a long time
…To be with You

The story of my life ends here
I am thankful that gave me a life on earth
A wonderful memories
A treasure I will bring to your kingdom



Suzette Lyn
Suzette Lyn D. Michaelsen suffered on Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome for more than two decades. Until one day a friend of her accidentally introduced The Law of Attraction. Since then she is practicing and aligning herself on the positive thoughts and vibrations to continue life’s journey with a total recuperation.
A song for my Daddy


    1. Suzette Lyn says:

      I know my Daddy so much… I can imagine what was his thought on his death. I know how, I can say how He offered his life and death to God. So we made a song to remember his Humility and Obedience to his Maker.

    2. Suzette Lyn says:

      Daddy.. I really love you..

A song for my Daddy

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