My Baby Sophia

August 25, 2012 in featured, music, Suzette Lyn's Music

My Baby Sophia 
Composed by Suzette Lyn de Roma 9-25-06 12:30pm Manila
Listen my baby, oh my baby Sophia
I made a song for you
A song from your mommy
Who loves you so dearly
My lullaby for you
You kiss is my beauty
To make myself holy
On God’s gracious way
Oh baby sophia listen to mommy
This song is my love for you
your tender embrace
Embraces my soul
your sweet caress for mommy
Caress my soul
Oh Baby Sophia
A kiss of my God
Oh baby Sophia
I love you my baby
Mommy will sing for you
A song that well written
From mommy’s affection
To tell my love for you
Suzette Lyn
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