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August 25, 2012 in featured, journal

Scenario 1 “At work”:
Workmate:   Suzette, you forgot to do this..
Suzette:       Oh thank you for reminding me..

Scenario 2 “At the Gadefest or “At the street party”
Neighbor:      Suzette, you’re freezing..  you need a glass of wine!
Suzette:       Oh thank you!

Scenario 3 “On facebook”
FBbuddy:     Suzette, I like your profile picture!
Suzette:       Thank you buddy!

Scenario 4 “At the City”
Stranger:      I don’t like foreigners!
Suzette:       Hu Hu Hu Hu (crying to death) Thank huhu huhu you hu huhu

Thank You! And thank you that you ……… my writings, thank you for supporting my passion, thank you for appreciating my thoughts…

 Saying Thank you is my way to show my appreciation to someone, even though sometimes it is not appropriate of saying this.

 Everyday, I cannot count on how many times I utter that word, I am glad that they help me, and I always feels that I owe something from them; from all the people I used to thank…

But look around us why “thank you” is automatic to a stranger, but not to someone who near to us???  Let’s take the opportunity to thank the person around us…  It’s not yet too late…  doesn’t wait for the time that you cannot say thank you because it can never be heard.,  THANK YOU!

By Suzette de Roma Written  (May 3, 2006/ 6:31pm)
Thank you for all the words you said
Thank you for giving me hope
Thank you keeping your love alive
Thank you for always with me no matter what
Thank you for all the effort you did
Thank you for making me cry
Thank you for making me starving
Thank you for making me worries
Thank you for giving me sleepless nights
Thank you for giving me doubts
Thank you for pissing me off
Thank you for giving me courage
Thank you for the song I could sing forever
Thank you for making me jealous
Thank you for making me special
Thank you for believing in me
Thank you for loving me..
That’s the best thing I can do for now.
“Dear Daddy, I never thank you that you were a good father to me.  Wherever you are.. I wanna thank you for giving me life and making my life very special.  I love You!”
Suzette Lyn
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