August 25, 2012 in featured, poetry

Written by Suzette Lyn de Roma
Dedicated to Paulino A de Roma 
You held my hand,
And hugged my wounded heart
A man of strength
To witness my pains
 A man of strength
To see my suffering and to hear every lament at night
You are a man of strength
Cause you never got tired to face each test.
Your wisdom brought light to my life.
Wrapped with spiritual prayers
 Humility and wisdom
That was your weapon
You lived your devotion in many ways,
You never even asked for earthly praise, neither gifts to repay you
 A simple man, who just wanted to see his daughter happy
Oh yeah! Stories and clippings I’m keeping on my memory
Your tender love and caring heart are always on my mind
And yes I’m trying to follow all good things you taught me
In your memories Oh My Daddy… it was My God I always see.
You made me have so very proud of you Daddy
How blessed I am to call you, My Daddy
The best daddy on earth!
Suzette Lyn
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