I’ll Offer

November 23, 2006 in music, Suzette Lyn's Music

I’ll offer

Music Composition of Suzette Lyn Michaelsen
Arranged by Jacob Michaelsen
Lord I’m here for you tonight
I’ll offer my wounded heart
Let be healed by your mercy
Surrounded with your love
Let this pain remind me
The sorrow of the cross
You carried my pains and tears
Walking for my soul
Now, I’m here for you my Lord
Remembering your pains
To forget the sorrow of yesterday
And seek the light of your grace
I will follow your heart
Follow my God
To find the light to your kingdom
I’ll Feel the pain and sorrow while walking with you
I will offer my life
I will offer my soul
I’ll offer to be your servant
Oh my Lord, bless my heart; open your arms
I’ll offer my heart
Suzette Lyn
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