Jeg elsker dig

November 23, 2007 in Suzette Lyn's Music

Today I’d planned so many things for myself

I went to school and did so many stuffs

And I ate with my friends

I was tired because I spend my day for myself


When I came home I’d never seen you there

I called you but you told me you cannot come home

I felt something that I cannot explain

I was tired because I spend my day for myself


Oh baby I wanna say


Jeg elsker dig

Og savner dig

Jeg ønsker, du er her med mig

Jeg elsker dig og savner dig

ønsker jeg kan sige til dig


Maybe I am doing so many new things now

But I know that everything means nothing to me

Because all I want is you my baby

I was tired because I spend the day for myself




Composed by Suzette Lyn de Roma Michaelsen 18-11-2007


Suzette Lyn
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