It’s raining again

June 7, 2017 in featured, poetry, Uncategorized


Oh it’s raining again

It was hot yesterday

Where I could barely naked ..

I could show every skin that was hidden

And it was given yesterday

Oh its raining again

It was happy and glory yesterday

Where my heart was full of enchantment 

And it was so much fun yesterday


Now it’s raining again

It’s lonely and colorless again

Sad and dispair

Dark and melanchony

While listening to every tearsdrops of this rain.


I’m wishing that the rain will vanish now

I can’t handel the sorrow I’m having inside

It fells like I’m falling apart

In this wicked world, full of agony and disguist


I wish that rain never came today

So i could have last moment with warm and tender weather i want..  

beause the happiness i felt yesterday 

Was my forever memory today..

Suzette Lyn
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