February 20, 2018 in featured, journal

Oh God!  I love my new job:  On my own opinion..  it’s easy!  I started a new job…   in a new place this february.  And I can tell you…. I love it.. cause it’s easy.

It’s actually a day shift which means, I have a lot of time to paint, write music and write some insights.  This what every human needs in thier lives… a little space to enjoy a single part of our humanity.

So..  my story started when my Big Boss asked me about how my impression about my new job.  I told her the real feelin i have.  I said “It’s nice and easy”.  I paused for a moment and asked myself “is this the proper gestures should show my Boss?  But I thought that being myself could help me to introduce myself to my new environment.  Is it necessary to think properly or appropriately so I could adapt to new circumtances?

Well, human in nature..  we never been satisfied and contented.  We always complain and ask for more.  But thinking and setting up our mind that we are contented and satisfied will help us to gain the happiness that we thought isn’t easy to find on earth.

Suzette Lyn
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