Melody of heart (The cinderella story of Jacob and Suzette Lyn love story)

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Hi everybody! My name is Jacob Michaelsen. I’m so lucky to be the husband of my Baby Suzette.

Well I’m going to tell you how it all started.  A friend of mine asked me to make a profile on Myspace, and so I did. After a few months Suzette sent me the mail that was going to be the beginning of a great love and friendship

Naturally I checked her profile and my first impression was that she was a poetic writer. She impressed me with her vocabulary and poetic skills, and I discovered we had a shared passion for music. At that time I was about to record two songs in a studio with my band, and I told her about my passion for playing and listening to music. I guess she saw the potential in me to be her music producer haha.

There was a lot of stuff to read and I read some every night. “This girl really have a lot of stuff on her mind”, I thought. It was clear that her life had not been an easy one. But though she had been used and hurt terribly, I felt she remained intact and true. As it turned out she send me a simple recording and the lyrics of her song “Melody of heart ”   (This is the original recording of Suzette)

This was by the way the first time I heard her voice. I listened to the song a lot of times and recorded one verse for her as a test, and all just for fun. After she heard my version of her song, she cried and was really thankful for my effort. Of course I was encouraged to record the rest of the song and the next five days I used all my spare time to finish it. Suzette was really happy when it was finished and she wrote me this to thank me.


During our conversations we started developing feeling for each other. Suzette asked me if we could chat on messenger. Of course I agreed to this, as I was already falling for her. We started chatting and got to know each other and day by day the feelings were growing stronger. Our chat sessions quickly became the highlight of my day. The first thing I did after coming home from work was to turn on my computer and see if my baby was online. Actually I have kept some of the chat sessions because we were sharing a lot of really private thoughts.


After some chatting we started to use web cam and call each other on the phone. Haha I don’t think she was aware of the time difference from Denmark, because she used to call me two, three times waking me every night just for a quick hello or I loveu or to get comfort if.

Of course as I had the same feelings and even though I cannot write in the beautiful way she can, I replied with a similar mail.

At that time it was my plan to visit a friend in Singapore in August, and we made plans for me to come visit Suzette for a week during that Holiday. But as days went and the feelings kept growing stronger, we both started longing for each other to the point that we could not wait to meet until August. Suzette was begging me to change my ticket and come to visit her on July 16th a very important day for her and after a lot of rescheduling at work I ended up buying another ticket to come visit her a week in July.

She was feeling sad or worried.  The feelings continued to grow and although we both said we loved each other 100% the love got stronger everyday and we started depending on each other.

Our music is a passion we share. She made me promise again and again that I would play a piano ballad version of “Bed of Roses” for her some day. Actually I ended up playing piano for her via messenger. I would place my headset on my piano and play for her. She loved it and it really made her relax, and it was a good feeling for me too.

Well it’s no secret that we were both very excited and a bit nervous to finally meet in person. We talked about our first meeting for hours and hours planning what to do. Of course we were both nervous that this love was just a dream and that reality would be different from that dream. Well there was no turning back now and finally the day came when I got on the airplane To the Philippines.

One day later I arrived in Manila airport and she called me asking where to meet me and just then I looked across the street where this wonderful girl was talking in her mobile phone, we instantly recognized each other and finally we were embracing and kissing and telling how much we loved each other. We were just holding each other for ten minutes – one hour, I don’t know – time just stopped, we were in a Realm of love.

This was a great week full of love and excitement. It was like all our fairytale like dreams came true, it was definitely not just a dream, and this was real.  It’s really hard to believe that her x betrayed and left her, but it’s my luck I guess. Maybe I should thank him haha.

Anyway this picture is from our first night in her town Siniloan. Her brother and sister had planned a romantic dinner for us at a restaurant, and Suzette was not able to keep it a secret and had already told me to bring some formal clothes for that dinner.

On that same night there was a band playing just for us. And after some time Suzette wanted me to borrow the musician’s keyboard and play with her. Of course we played “Bed of Roses” and she forgot the lyrics haha. There’s lots of stuff to tell from that week of course, but I think I’m just going to show this picture for now.

Unfortunately I had to leave again already after one week and then to return again after three weeks in Denmark. This was the longest three weeks in my life. We spent all our spare time chatting and talking and crying on the phone. It was really hard for the both of us. It felt so unfair that time just went by without us noticing when we were together and it slowed down when we were apart.


Anyway this love is hard for other people to understand. Most people never get to try this. Definitely it’s the first time for the both of us. People are wondering how it can happen this fast we guess, and how it’s possible to fall in love before even meeting in real life. Well I don’t know the answers but I happened, and we are both sure this love is forever and may the Lord God give us way to make it happen.

I hope Suzette will like this. I’m not a poetic writer like she is; it’s more on facts I guess. Of course I will write some more later, and post more pictures. But I have to finish for now and get this stuff uploaded for her birthday August 19th.

Btw. I never call her Suzette. Actually I might forget her name someday. Early in our relationship she asked me to call her baby, and I’ve done that ever since.

Composed by Suzette Lyn T. de Roma
Arranged by Jacob Michaelsen


Night is so strong

Feels the music

Beating from heart

Rhythm from harmony


Beating everywhere

Music we shared

Melody of love

Gives more harmony

hahh lalalal


The song I sing for you

I’ll sing forever oh so true

Music is all for you

You’ll be forever in my heart

Like the music that plays in my heart

and forever be the melody of my heart


Tears when you left

Fears inside

Waiting for love

Crying for melody

(Repeat Chorus)

Melody of heart (The cinderella story of Jacob and Suzette Lyn love story)

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    1. Suzette Lyn says:

      It makes me cry.. I’m lucky to have you baby.. thanks for your love.. and please don’t change…

Melody of heart (The cinderella story of Jacob and Suzette Lyn love story)

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