Tonight with you

March 5, 2018 in featured, poetry

I want you tonight baby

To see the wonderland on your hands

But it’s was empty and cloudy

No one sees but my naked eye


Hesitations led me to you

Uncertain thoughts brought me to this

Steering my consciousness

And poisoning my modesty


Just do what I want my baby

Lay with me and bring the fantasy to reality

Reach the pinnacle of uncertainties

Let me lead the rest of this intimacy


I want you scrupulously

Expose your desire and fulfill it tonight with me

No one will stop us

No one will bother us


Seduce me with your scent

Draw me to the madness and combativeness

Oh take me to your kingdom

And be the king tonight


This is what I want

To have you more than I ever I wanted

To feel you without any hesitations

To love you without any doubts

Suzette Lyn
Everything starts with a simple thought
... then I will think how the particles work
......then I will come out with the idea how the body works

then I bring these thoughts to reality
.. I will look at my sorroundings
.. observe how the reality works
.. so I can make an article, songs, poems, quotations, drawings (vector graphics), video, animation and so on..

and I call it.. "The Art of Thinking"

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