RECUPARATE with the help of The Law of Attraction

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I was grown up with the Catholic values and traits. Good moral and right conduct was a big part of my childhood. I learned to follow the 10 commandments of God, pray constantly, and go to confession after committing sins.

At the very young age I had evening ritual; and that was, to reflect and pray before going to bed. I uttered the same words every night “Lord God, Please give me a good future, guide me on my path. And make my future happy”. That was peaceful but after this ritual, I always had a vision.

Every time I close my eyes I could see a dark surface with some black spots, which symbolizes the sins, I committed on that day. At the very young mind and being naïve to humanity, this practice gave me daunting nights. I got guilt feelings and fears that I would never have a good life because of the sins I committed.

I learned to avoid committing sins. I followed what the society and what the church law demanded because of the fear of my life on the future.

There was an instance that my mother and I were fighting, and according to 10 commandments, as a daughter; I should honor and follow my mother and father.

That night I got a huge spots on my vision. I cried that night and felt bad on myself. I felt like I was the worst person on earth and I would never have a good future that I was longing for.

The vision of Suzette Lyn when she was young

Law of attraction

In the Philosophy of “The law of attraction” those vision are my thoughts, and I had materialized them into reality. I was doing unknowingly sending out my thoughts and emotions and as a result I was attracting back more on what I had putted out.

In basic terms, all thoughts turn into things eventually. It was like I was only focusing on negative doom and gloom had remained under the cloud. It was impossible for me to attract positive vibration because I was merely emanating the negative vibrations. And what came back to me was actually matched the signal I released day by day. I attracted a lot of different negative vibration as a result I experienced a lot of pains and tragedy.

I was trying to get wisdom from the thought of “Carry your sorrow, and it will give you a better life tomorrow!” But this belief brought me to more sorrow. I was focusing on the pains and suffering. I lost my self-esteem and set my mind that I was destined to that kind of life.

I tried to survive on this existence. But as I moved forward, it dragged me to moved five steps backward. My emotions were unstable and I couldn’t handle fear, insecurity, loneliness, emptiness, shame, regret, guilt and sadness.

The process of recuperation

In this journey, I’m re-inventing myself. I allow the universe to bring on what I am, and what I should be. I am manifesting what I really want by asking my inner being. Who I really am? What is the purpose of my existence? And I believe it is coming.

These are the steps I am doing in order for me to recuperate.


  1. Clear the vibrations

Childhood mentality and tragic experience brought me to various disappointments and a huge baggage that I carried a long the way of my journey. I was sink on these negative frequencies.

After 4 decades, I decided to re-born and clear my vibration. By doing this I am only focusing on the true aspect of my being (a new frequency) and limiting the unwanted thoughts.

Refocusing into new frequency

According to Abraham Hicks “Post traumatic stress syndrome is an awareness of the situation causes a habit of vibration that lingers long after the experience. It is just a habit of thoughts that has nothing do on your current life. If you focus on positive thoughts and have goals that you aim to achieve you will find a way to achieve them with massive action to do with reality that could attract the similar instances”

After a while, I understood that “the Law of attraction” is responding on the non-physical aspect of me. On other words, whatever I have on my inner being, will manifest on my physical being and will turn into life’s experience.


  1. Realignment of the momentum

Momentum is essential when it comes to the Law of attraction. Momentum builds up with focus and attention. During childhood I gave focus and attention to self-destructive momentum.

Rather than focusing on stopping negative momentum.. just focus on starting positive momentum- Abraham

Divert your negative momentum into positive alignment


All my life, I was focusing to fix the negative momentum. But it never helped me until the theory of the Law of attraction taught me to justify emotional scale and turned out that I allowed myself to re-align the momentum.

Every morning, I start my day thinking about what this life can bring me. I make a dream, and looking forward for the future I am creating day by day.

And every night before going to bed, I think about the things, persons and experiences I am grateful for.


  1. Releasing the resistance

I am using meditation techniques to focus on a blank white surface. I am letting my conscious awareness to clear my mind and feel the manifestation of it. By doing this, my brain thinks healing already exist and the law of attraction brings on what I am asking.

Meditation helps me to release what my inner being’s desire. It gives a clear message on what I really what and what I should be on this existence.

Helps to resilience against pain and adversity


  1. Positive alignment

I used the law of attraction as an effective way to recuperate. This process helps me to change on how I see life in a positive aspect. Now that my vibration is well aligned. I will go and follow the flow. I let my inner self maneuvers my existence. I let my inner desire flows comes into reality.

I let the positive vibration bring me to blissful and joyful life that I am longing for…

………..since I was young.








I dedicate this piece to my Daddy, Paulino Agamata de Roma

Suzette Lyn
Everything starts with a simple thought
... then I will think how the particles work
......then I will come out with the idea how the body works

then I bring these thoughts to reality
.. I will look at my sorroundings
.. observe how the reality works
.. so I can make an article, songs, poems, quotations, drawings (vector graphics), video, animation and so on..

and I call it.. "The Art of Thinking"

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