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May 12, 2018 in article, featured

Prayer is good because it allows yourself to align on what you actually desire. By simply uttering your desires a lot of times it gives vibration and momentum to get into, and that’s how the law of attraction works.

What is prayer anyways?

According to Wikipedia prayer is to directly appeal to God to grant one’s requests. This in many ways is the simplest form of prayer. Some have termed this the social approach to prayer. In this view, a person directly enters into God’s rest, and asks for their needs to be fulfilled.

I came from the culture where prayer is a very crucial in everyday’s Endeavour. I remember when I was at the secondary school. I prayed a lot to God to pass my final exam without studying because I believed that prayer will be fulfilled without any effort of working with my desire. And yes, as a result I failed the final exam.


Let’s get further.

When I was praying it gave me assurance that my next day will be secured. While praying it gave me a company; that I was not alone in this journey. I had the thought that the highest intelligence protected me everyday. Prayers actually gave me a lot of enthusiasm to work more on my desire because I knew that it was coming.

But I’d  only depended on my prayer. I just let the highest intelligence, that we call God to maneuver my life. I had that belief that God would give me the best, this life could bring.


What is the content of the prayer?

As Abraham Hicks said prayer is an awareness of our needs. Prayer is conditional because I was looking for all the good things while I was praying. I was expecting that the prayer will be granted and if not, it was because there was a purpose for everything, that the best thing was coming not this time but next time.

Because of all this conditions and expectations it was easy to say a lil prayer. This attitude made me conditional and arduous when it comes to belief on prayer.


Conditional prayer

When I failed my final exam, I needed to set my mind that It was actually God who allowed me to fail my exam,; yeah that was actually the most precious exam on my high school life. It was a way of creating a pathway on my belief. On this way I could easily accept the situation and to believe that I was destined to it because it was God’s way, but my friend, it wasn’t actually my desire.


Unconditional prayer

The unconditional prayer shouldn’t ask for desire to fulfill your human or worldly needs. We sometimes feel that we need something to show to others we are somebody and we have everything in this world…. so the easiest to do to get all these desires; is to say a lil prayer. Just like uttering this..


“Dear Lord, I thank your for giving me my children”

I said thank you for giving me children but I was actually worried if I can give enough to my children. I was actually worried if I can give my children a better future,

“Dear Lord I thank you for you for giving me a good day at work”

But I was actually frustrated about so many things


“God I want a house, please let me have a big house?”

Do I really need a house?


“God please let me loose 3 kilos more?”

Am I already in a normal weight”



Prayer with The Law of attraction

If you are on alignment of the “Law of attraction”, you will pray appropriately. This prayer will help you to align your deepest desire. How to say a lil pray in terms of “The law of attraction”

“Dear God, I had a wonder day today at work. I love the feeling of being aligned to my desire. I love the feeling of holding someone’s hand and telling him or her. I have a great life, i am awesome.

I made a good dinner for my kids. They loved it and eat it all. I love the feeling of fulfillment. I like the feeling of fulfillment. I like all the purpose of my life. Because I know what I want and what I am heading off. I like the idea of the Law of attraction”

This prayer shows conditional prayer. I could set vibration set points that establish a different category within me.   It is the category of knowing, love, clarity, which gives me clearness of what is really my desire.   The law of attraction works that way.

Imagine that I was actually focusing to pass my exam on that moment. I had a thought that if I passed my exam I could actually be an accountant. Because that was my parents wanted me to be. But my inner self was telling me to be someone else. That’s why it was contrary to what I prayed for.

That time I wasn’t have any control of any emotions because I had this category within me that was going on and I never realized it because I wasn’t aware on my inner being. Then I need to fix my failed exam and took it really hard on hard way.


Say a lil pray

The best way to say “a lil prayer” is when I wake up in the morning, when all my vibration and emotions are already subsided. Then I can start a guiding prayer and establish the vibration set point. This will help me to focus on my inner self’s desire and will bring me to that.

The Law of Attraction tough me that I have the ability to tune my tuner to well being. That it is only me that’s on control of my existence.


Let say…


“Oh God…..  I’m on alignment right now…  I feel like….  eating ice cream today.. “

Suzette Lyn
Everything starts with a simple thought
... then I will think how the particles work
......then I will come out with the idea how the body works

then I bring these thoughts to reality
.. I will look at my sorroundings
.. observe how the reality works
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