My chatmate

February 20, 2006 in journal

I have chat mate.  His name is Tristan, he lives in Cebu Philippines.  I love to chat with him.  He is fun, cool and I am very comfortable talking to him.

He likes computer games and I hate that.. But every time we talk, I can’t see any differences between us.  He likes Harry Potter and I like Nicolas Sparks novel.. But we could talk about Harry Potter.  He likes balloons and candies and I like chocolates..  He is eight-year-old boy and I am 20 years young lady (hehehe ).

One thing I love about Tristan is he is very honest.  Young mind? Yea!  Playful to computer games, but never play up others mind.  He is honest, every words he said are true; like when he said that I am pretty (hehhe kidding).

Every time we talk I realized that I needed to make some changes in how I care for others.  I’ve given so much time for others, but obviously time is just wasted and nothing happened but it keeps my life sadder.  He helped me realize that I also needed to make some necessary changes in how I spend my time.

Suzette Lyn
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