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“It’s a Match” Make it happen with The Law of Attraction

April 23, 2018 in article, featured, Uncategorized

  If you want to be lucky in love there is something else apart from knowing your dating techniques. In this article, we introduce the Law of Attraction as laid out by American Abraham Hicks. And we illustrate that theory using our own life examples. Hopefully you will be able to recognize the workings of “energy” or “spirit” and to benefit from that in your own dating Written by Suzette Lyn Michaelsen and Jens W. […]

Falling in love for 4 minutes? PART 1

March 28, 2018 in article, featured

This month, I am so occupied with the thought that a person can actually fall in-love for a maximum 4 minutes. How can I explain it to you guys? You probably telling right now these things are non-sense. But let us put it this way. This is my physical being who runs my thought through my keyboard so I could deliberate my though articulately. But this physical being controls all the terminologies I am about […]

The process of my journey

March 20, 2018 in article, featured

I am now here, sitting in front of my Mac; trying to write all thoughts I have on my mind. I can feel the energy within me. It gives me enthusiasm to get further to this article. I looked at my Mac, then I told to myself, I need to save all things I already written before I’m going to lose every important ideas I already specified. It can of course happen that the electricity […]


June 16, 2017 in article, featured, Uncategorized

If you live in the Philippines, my former country, and then you say, expats, it means – a person having a good life abroad. Expat is a person who has a good life, precious life outside the country. Making easy money, no need to think about so much government corruption, red tape and so on. Let me tell you something. I don’t want to say that I love to live in Philippines for the rest of […]


November 30, 2011 in article, featured

Jeg snakkede med en dansk lærer. Hun gav mig fakta om Danmarks jul hver december. Hun sagde, at mange bøger skriver romantisk om julen, men nu kan man ikke se romantikken I de danske hjem længere. Hun sagde, at i hendes mors tid, for 50 år siden lavede mødre alle juleforberedelserne, men hendes mor havde ikke arbejde. Nu er alt ændret, mænd og kvinder gør alt sammen. Min lærer forsøger at bevare traditionerne, men virkelighedens […]


November 27, 2011 in article

Re-incartion san nga ba nagsimula ang lahat ng ito? Sa pagkakaalam ko galing ito sa bansang Thailand na kung saan ang mga tao ay naniniwala na ang mga kamag anak nila namamatay ay pwedeng bumalik sa pamamagitan ng pagsalin ng espiritu nito sa katawan o sa katauhan ng ibang nilalang na kasisilang lang maging hayop man ito.

Dito sa Pilipinas madalang ang naniniwala dito, ngunit sa ibang naniniwala ang kanilang kaluluwa ay galing sa nakalipas na […]

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