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Suzette’s Empty Box

February 25, 2018 in featured, journal

Suzette’s empty box I am thinking right now; hhhmm maybe I will pursue something. After all the frustrations I have in my life, I want to do something to prove that I never made mistakes and my life will be better on the future. I started writing all the necessary things for the said preparation and I’m having the spirit and perseverance to keep on going. Then tears feel off. There are something.. It feels like […]

Hand lotion

February 23, 2018 in featured, journal

God! It’s winter again.. and of course! It’s too cold.   My hands are getting so dry, and I can’t avoid to wash them frequently because of my job.  My dermatologist told me that because of having atopic dermatitis, I should always use lotion to keep on moisturizing my skin.  Or I should change a new job or profession.  But yes..  hand lotion frequently? urg! Oh yea.  It’s a kinda big work.  I should do it […]


February 20, 2018 in featured, journal

Oh God!  I love my new job:  On my own opinion..  it’s easy!  I started a new job…   in a new place this february.  And I can tell you…. I love it.. cause it’s easy. It’s actually a day shift which means, I have a lot of time to paint, write music and write some insights.  This what every human needs in thier lives… a little space to enjoy a single part of our […]


February 19, 2018 in featured, journal

This morning, I was so crammed with so much stuffs to do. When I was about to start my day at work, I’d noticed that I needed to changed the battery of my machine so I could completely start all my assignments.  But I was in denial that I needed to use a little time to change the said battery. I’d convinced myself that battery should be long enough to complete my day. But my […]


June 16, 2017 in article, featured, Uncategorized

If you live in the Philippines, my former country, and then you say, expats, it means – a person having a good life abroad. Expat is a person who has a good life, precious life outside the country. Making easy money, no need to think about so much government corruption, red tape and so on. Let me tell you something. I don’t want to say that I love to live in Philippines for the rest of […]

It’s raining again

June 7, 2017 in featured, poetry, Uncategorized

Oh it’s raining again It was hot yesterday Where I could barely naked .. I could show every skin that was hidden And it was given yesterday Oh its raining again It was happy and glory yesterday Where my heart was full of enchantment  And it was so much fun yesterday   Now it’s raining again It’s lonely and colorless again Sad and dispair Dark and melanchony While listening to every tearsdrops of this rain. […]


January 9, 2016 in featured, music, Suzette Lyn's Music

  Pagkakataon   I Hindi man lang nabigyan ng pagkakataon Na magpaalam sa iyo ng pumanaw ka Hindi ko man lang naitanong sa iyo Kung mahal mo pa bago ipinikit ang iyong mga mata   Chorus Naisip mo b ako? Sinambit mo ba ang ngalan ko Bago ko lumisan dito sa mundo Hinanap mob a ako? Nanabik ka ba sa mga ngiti ko Noong sandaling nagpapaalam ka   II Hindi man lang nabigyan ng pagkakataon […]

Come ’on pipol!

December 13, 2015 in featured, journal

    Naranasan mo na bang umiyak tuwing gabi at sabihing ”Ay ang sakit naman!” Naranansan mo na bang mangulila tuwing gabi at sabing ”Kung maibabalik ko lamang!” Minsan pilit nating ginugunita yung magagandang bagay na naiwan sa atin ng ating minamahal, Minsan pilit nating ginagalit ang tadhana para muling ibalik ang nakaraan, para lamang bigyan ng isa pang pagkakataon ang mga puwang na naiwan sa ating buhay. Pero ang buhay ay hindi ganyan. Kailangan nating labanan ang […]

Ikaw na lang

December 12, 2015 in featured, poetry

  Lahat na ka nakalimot na.. Ikaw na lang ang natititrang nagdudusa Tanong ko lang Anong dahilan? Bakit masakit pa? Eh kasi naman, parang nagugunita mo pa Ang mga sandaling kapilang sya Na kapiling ka pa nya? Lahat ay parang hindi hinog na hinog Oh di man lang hiilaw Na parang perpekto Ganon yun.. Perpektong pakiramdam Perfektong pagkakataon Pero dahil sa panahon At pagkakataon, at pagsubok ng mapaglarong mundo nag laho na lang ang lahat Ngayon […]

Jeg Troede…

December 11, 2015 in featured, journal

Barndomsminder falmer ikke nemt, og jeg længes efter det liv, jeg havde som barn, som mange andre gør. Mine forældre var en stor del af de uforglemmelige og dejlige minder fra min barndom. Jeg voksede op med en religiøs familie. Jeg kom fra en hengiven katolsk familie, hvor alt i vores liv afhang af Gud. Som barn var jeg aldrig uenig med min forældre på grund af den store kærlighed og respekt for dem. Så […]

Get’s mo?

December 10, 2015 in featured, journal, poetry

Minsan.. di maitago mo na kapag malalim ang gabi, tahimik ang kapaligan.. parang naghahanap ng kung ano.. Oh ano nga ba yun?.. parang memory lang ang laman ng isip ko.. gets mo ba? Yung tipong gusto mong alalahanin kung paano ang pag buka ng bibig nya.. at pag ihip ng hininga nya.. pero nananatili lamang alalala na pilit mong hinuhogot sa kalaliman ng iyong utak.. Ganyan kapag iniwan ng ka ng isang tao o siguro dalawa […]


March 18, 2014 in featured

Prolog Jeg hoppede over grenen og løb alt hvad jeg kunne. Nogen fulgte mig. Noget jeg ikke kendte. Jeg hører nogen kalde mit navn men gøre alt for at ignorer det. Jeg faldt over en sten og blev slået ud.  Jeg havde set min egen forældre dø..   Kapitel 1 Jeg var vokset op hos varulve. Men det gøre mig ikke selv til en. Min plejefar var varulv og vi blev nødt til at flytte […]

Thinking ’bout you

December 5, 2012 in featured, music, Suzette Lyn's Music

Thinking ’bout you Composed by Suzette Lyn de Roma Date: May 14, 07 10:00pm   I I wanna write a poem But I don’t know what to write I wanna write a song But I don’t know the tune   II I wanna surf at the net But I don’t know where to go I wanna read a book But I don’t know what to read   Chorus All I know is I miss you […]


November 28, 2012 in featured, music, Suzette Lyn's Music

Nais Composed by Suzette Lyn Michaelsen   I Kapag ako’y nag iisa Akoy nalulumbay Hinahanap ang haplos ng iyong pagmamahal Saan man tumingin ako Ikaw pa rin ang nais Ang hinahanap ng mata’y ikaw lamang giliw Chorus At sa tuwing naaalala ka Akoy napapaluha Inaasam ang yakap mo’t halik Ikaw ang nais Oh giliw     II Kapag ako’y nagsasaya Hinahanap hanap ka pa rin Hindi mapaligaya itong kalungkutan Para bang ikaw lamang ang aking kaligayahan […]

AKO sa aking Panaginip

November 23, 2012 in featured, journal

Grabe ang panaginip kanina.  I was flying daw with a bird kasama ko si Daddy, si Amy  at si Rommel.  Oh yea.. In reality….  Lahat sila patay na.  I got bothered, kasi it felt real and even it was 5 hours ago, nararamdaman ko pa rin na parang nangyari sya in reality. Here I am, parang pakiramdam ko bumabalik ako sa memorya nila.  Noong kabataan ko pa..  At pakiramdam ko nananabik ako sa memoryang yun, […]

How to look young..

November 17, 2012 in featured, journal, poetry

I always make people surprise when they ask my age. Oh yeah! They never believe that I am old and having three children. And the funny thing is when they ask my secret to keep my look.. hahaha! Well let me tell you something. It is my personalities that keeping me look young. I don’t take things seriously. I mean I let everything happens according to my tempo and will. And I honestly got old […]

Anak Cover

November 11, 2012 in featured, music, Video

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I don’t belive you (cover)

October 6, 2012 in featured, music, Video

Jacob and Suzette Lyn’s version of “I don’t believe you”             Share on Facebook


August 25, 2012 in featured, poetry

  MY HUMBLE DADDY Written by Suzette Lyn de Roma Dedicated to Paulino A de Roma    You held my hand, And hugged my wounded heart A man of strength To witness my pains  A man of strength To see my suffering and to hear every lament at night   You are a man of strength Cause you never got tired to face each test. Your wisdom brought light to my life. Wrapped with spiritual […]

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