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March 10, 2018 in featured, journal, Uncategorized

Thank’s God It’s Saturday.  One more day and I can relax, since I have weekend duty this week.  But still..  I am looking forward to start my weekend tomorrow night.  What to do then?  Well, normally when I am off, I go out with my friend’s for a dinner,.  Enjoy the restaurants ambiance and drink some good wines.  It doesn’t matter where it’s going to be, as long as I could chill out and empty […]

Life’s weather

March 5, 2018 in featured, journal, Uncategorized

  Now that my Mommy is in Denmark, it gives a little spice on my daily life. She is having a hard time to manage the climate, which means she doesn’t know to cope up with the -6 degrees weather. Yea, my dear friends, she is actually wearing summer clothes at daytime. She complains when she need to take loads of clothes just to buy bread and milk. She will constantly tell you “In Philippines […]

Wheel caps

March 1, 2018 in featured, journal

Yes I know..  my car is so hot! And awesome!  And I can tell you… accesorizing it takes  a lot of effort.  I need to get some ideas and feelings to make my car pinky and hotty… But friends…  When people look at my car; their first reaction…. “The other wheel cap is gone, Suzette” No one notice how much effort I did to make my car hot!  No one notice my pink accesories but […]

Suzette’s Empty Box

February 25, 2018 in featured, journal

Suzette’s empty box I am thinking right now; hhhmm maybe I will pursue something. After all the frustrations I have in my life, I want to do something to prove that I never made mistakes and my life will be better on the future. I started writing all the necessary things for the said preparation and I’m having the spirit and perseverance to keep on going. Then tears feel off. There are something.. It feels like […]

Hand lotion

February 23, 2018 in featured, journal

God! It’s winter again.. and of course! It’s too cold.   My hands are getting so dry, and I can’t avoid to wash them frequently because of my job.  My dermatologist told me that because of having atopic dermatitis, I should always use lotion to keep on moisturizing my skin.  Or I should change a new job or profession.  But yes..  hand lotion frequently? urg! Oh yea.  It’s a kinda big work.  I should do it […]


February 20, 2018 in featured, journal

Oh God!  I love my new job:  On my own opinion..  it’s easy!  I started a new job…   in a new place this february.  And I can tell you…. I love it.. cause it’s easy. It’s actually a day shift which means, I have a lot of time to paint, write music and write some insights.  This what every human needs in thier lives… a little space to enjoy a single part of our […]

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