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Bed of Fantasy

August 14, 2019 in featured, poetry

Seated in the Bed of Fantasy Reposefully conceded my despair heart Nakedly, presented my mystery So that momentarily placed aside my misery Unwept; wept, Unsaid; said Unnoticed; noticed, Unheard; heard You nakedly spread your hands Extended to my existence On this bed of fantasy You embraced my weeping, and tied us for my misery I felt secured, freed And untouchable from disturbance that bothers me On this Bed of fantasy, I felt perpetually home Cared […]

My Naked Heart

August 14, 2019 in featured, poetry

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This journey

February 13, 2019 in poetry, Uncategorized

This journey 13 feb 2019 19:31   I closed my eyes I found myself lost in the wilderness Thinking how it happened I was just in paradise a while ago   Then I whispered “How it happened, what did I do?” Tears falls endlessly, eyes became swollen terribly And yawning every night of loneliness and lament   My heart is aching, unbearably throbbing Feel like hopelessly accessible to this life that full of adversity This […]


March 18, 2018 in featured, poetry

Imagination Naked Poet (Suzette Lyn) 18 March 2018 23:30   I’d been astray on this journey I feel so alone; damaged Anxious; harrowed Distressed and tortured   You guided me to the right aisle Where my existence bestow value Dignity and assurance of humanness Gratification and serenity of my soul   I can feel on my mortal part That your touch is bringing me to destiny Trepidation is gone Tactility conquest   You convey life […]

Soul can be mate

March 12, 2018 in featured, poetry

SOUL CAN BE MATE By Naked poet (Suzette Lyn 11 marts 2018, 21:03   I found you somewhere On my memories I don’t remember but you were  there It started with the sun That gives smiles to my sunny day And gives liveliness to this loneliness   I don’t get it But I felt you before It feels like, I’ve known for a long time Your thoughts are driving me crazy Your smile floats me […]

Tonight with you

March 5, 2018 in featured, poetry

I want you tonight baby To see the wonderland on your hands But it’s was empty and cloudy No one sees but my naked eye   Hesitations led me to you Uncertain thoughts brought me to this Steering my consciousness And poisoning my modesty   Just do what I want my baby Lay with me and bring the fantasy to reality Reach the pinnacle of uncertainties Let me lead the rest of this intimacy   […]

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