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November 12, 2019 in article, featured, Uncategorized

Social media has been the easiest way to connect with new people.  I met a lot of Filipinos in Denmark through facebook and the old-fashioned; Friendster and myspace. It gave me an oppurtunity to broaden up my social life in Denmark. One day I got connected to a person through social media. I got stumbled with his profile picture.  And then, I was shocked, speechless and got Goosebumps.  He looks familiar…… …………. and it felt […]

Stop Complaining About Complaints

June 20, 2018 in article, featured, Uncategorized

How do you feel about complaints? Do you think that people are complaining way to much and do you maybe feel like complaining about them? So, that you would say to yourself: “Oh, this person is always complaining. He or she will never be happy. I get so tired from listening to that crap!” Maybe you like to tell him/her: “Stop complaining!” But occupying yourself with those thoughts, do you realize: “What happens to my […]

Malibu sand house

June 1, 2018 in featured, journal, Uncategorized

This morning I woke with hay fever rashes on my eyes. I sneezed and had running nose and eyes. I was so annoyed that I got that. It wasn’t normal that I felt negative feelings on the start of the morning. Moreover, it scares me that I couldn’t manage to come to work tomorrow. Then I cleaned my head and told myself “It’s going to be alright! You will manage it! Just take some anti-histamine!” […]

SEXUAL ALIGNMENT (Let’s talk about sex Baby!)

May 31, 2018 in article, featured, Uncategorized

  Story 1 Imagine that you are lying on the bed and your partner is kissing you from your neck to your chest all the way down to your toes. Your partner touch you so hard that you can’t even move. Your mate is stretching your hands so you become completely strengthless. You can hear your partner’s desire from the left and right ears. You are just lying, listening and observing because you don’t actually […]

The Law of Attraction Works!

May 28, 2018 in featured, journal, Uncategorized

Normally some days before my monthly menstruation, I used to deal with PSTD symptoms. I am suffering with this for more than two decades now after the traumatic event that happened into my life. But today is the first time I never had any symptoms. I am on the flying disc, or in a state of high vibration; as in; I feel so happy, unconditionally loved, contented, accepted and safe. This experience made me realize […]

FINDING SUZETTE with the Law of Attraction

May 16, 2018 in article, featured, Uncategorized

Today, I had a conversation with a friend who asked me how the Law of attraction works. First I was in doubt on how to tell her specifically. Then my brain was so fast to respond and said, “You need to find yourself and clarify of your desire” Year 2007, I came to Denmark without any thought of any desires. I followed my physical bodies presentiment and allowed the world resolute my destination. I was […]

Simple words can give a big impact on our lives

May 8, 2018 in article, featured, Uncategorized

Å On this journey in life, we are all searching for satisfaction. This will gives a meaningful life and exciting journey.  But we are sometimes not aware how our simple thoughts can create a big impact in our lives satisfying desire. Some people believe that God will give us abundance and gratifying lives on earth. Some people think that our own selves that will make our lives satisfying. Whatever believes we have, we are somewhat […]

RECUPARATE with the help of The Law of Attraction

April 30, 2018 in article, featured, Uncategorized

I was grown up with the Catholic values and traits. Good moral and right conduct was a big part of my childhood. I learned to follow the 10 commandments of God, pray constantly, and go to confession after committing sins. At the very young age I had evening ritual; and that was, to reflect and pray before going to bed. I uttered the same words every night “Lord God, Please give me a good future, […]

“It’s a Match” Make it happen with The Law of Attraction

April 23, 2018 in article, featured, Uncategorized

  If you want to be lucky in love there is something else apart from knowing your dating techniques. In this article, we introduce the Law of Attraction as laid out by American Abraham Hicks. And we illustrate that theory using our own life examples. Hopefully you will be able to recognize the workings of “energy” or “spirit” and to benefit from that in your own dating Written by Suzette Lyn Michaelsen and Jens W. […]

Global Positioning System (GPS)

April 12, 2018 in featured, journal, Uncategorized

I’ve driving the same road for almost 3 months now; since I got my new job. But can you imagine that I’m still using GPS to get on the same direction…  Everyday? But today, I decided not to use my GPS and let my data get a day off for one day. So I used my senses to get into the right direction. Turn left; turn right; then my vibration said: “You are F”#€%&/()= awesome […]


March 10, 2018 in featured, journal, Uncategorized

Thank’s God It’s Saturday.  One more day and I can relax, since I have weekend duty this week.  But still..  I am looking forward to start my weekend tomorrow night.  What to do then?  Well, normally when I am off, I go out with my friend’s for a dinner,.  Enjoy the restaurants ambiance and drink some good wines.  It doesn’t matter where it’s going to be, as long as I could chill out and empty […]

Life’s weather

March 5, 2018 in featured, journal, Uncategorized

  Now that my Mommy is in Denmark, it gives a little spice on my daily life. She is having a hard time to manage the climate, which means she doesn’t know to cope up with the -6 degrees weather. Yea, my dear friends, she is actually wearing summer clothes at daytime. She complains when she need to take loads of clothes just to buy bread and milk. She will constantly tell you “In Philippines […]


June 16, 2017 in article, featured, Uncategorized

If you live in the Philippines, my former country, and then you say, expats, it means – a person having a good life abroad. Expat is a person who has a good life, precious life outside the country. Making easy money, no need to think about so much government corruption, red tape and so on. Let me tell you something. I don’t want to say that I love to live in Philippines for the rest of […]

It’s raining again

June 7, 2017 in featured, poetry, Uncategorized

Oh it’s raining again It was hot yesterday Where I could barely naked .. I could show every skin that was hidden And it was given yesterday Oh its raining again It was happy and glory yesterday Where my heart was full of enchantment  And it was so much fun yesterday   Now it’s raining again It’s lonely and colorless again Sad and dispair Dark and melanchony While listening to every tearsdrops of this rain. […]


August 25, 2012 in featured, music, Uncategorized

    THE BEAT OF THE SOUND Music Composition of Jacob Michaelsen Lyrics by : Suzette Lyn de Roma Michaelsen June 20, 2007 2:52pm   “I heard a beat, coming from my ears! Oh yeah! Come’ on Feel it, Suzette”   I I held my pen Ready to make a beat from the Sounds of my ears     II The strange sounds From somewhere That keeps on bugging and Bugging my silence   Affecting […]


December 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Skype er navnet på en international virksomhed, der udvikler og laver software til kommunikation via internettet.  Skype programmet er et kommunikationsværktøj, hvor man ikke skal betale for forbrug. Det betyder, at man kan tale gratis i telefon med andre over internettet ved at bruge et program som Skype. Det eneste man skal bruge er en internetforbindelse, og en mikrofon som du kan sætte til computer. Skype kan altså bruge en mikrofon, som man tilslutter computeren, […]


December 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

EMBUTIDO 2 lbs. ground pork 1/2 cup fresh bread crumbs soaked in 1/4 cup milk 1 chorizo finely chopped (or 4 oz. pepperoni) 2 eggs, slightly beaten 1/4 cup sweet relish 1/4 tsp. pepper 1 small onion finely chopped 2 tsp. salt 2 tbsp. raisins 2 hard boiled eggs, quartered 2 tbsp. softened butter • Thoroughly combine all ingredients except cooked eggs and softened butter. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. • Butter the center […]

Ang pinay sa Denmark

November 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Kanina naisip kong mag sulat ng blog. Sabi ko sarili ko.. ano kayang language ang gagamitin ko? Danish, English or Tagalog? Pero pinoy to! Dapat akong magpakapinoy. At around 2:15 ng hapon, nag punta ako sa gym para mag work out. Since I lost 5 pounds dahil sa pagkakasakit ko last week, kelangan kong magdagdag ng konting laman. After ng Cross training ko, nakita ko yung isang middle east girl. Napangiti ako sa kanya kasi […]

Melody of heart (The cinderella story of Jacob and Suzette Lyn love story)

November 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hi everybody! My name is Jacob Michaelsen. I’m so lucky to be the husband of my Baby Suzette. Well I’m going to tell you how it all started.  A friend of mine asked me to make a profile on Myspace, and so I did. After a few months Suzette sent me the mail that was going to be the beginning of a great love and friendship Naturally I checked her profile and my first impression […]

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