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Hand lotion

February 23, 2018 in featured, journal

God! It’s winter again.. and of course! It’s too cold.   My hands are getting so dry, and I can’t avoid to wash them frequently because of my job.  My dermatologist told me that because of having atopic dermatitis, I should always use lotion to keep on moisturizing my skin.  Or I should change a new job or profession.  But yes..  hand lotion frequently? urg! Oh yea.  It’s a kinda big work.  I should do it […]


December 20, 2011 in featured, journal

Alam nyo ba, when it comes to music, kagulo kami dito sa house.  Si Jacob blues ang faborito, Si Sam accoustic at rock, Si sophia ala high school musical, si sherwin kung anong gusto ni Sam at ako…  Tipong Everly Brothers…  kung baga.. lumang ballad song.. isama pa natin si Celine Dion. So tuwing hapon, pag nagpapatugtog sa house, may turns kami kung sinong pipili ng genre.  At kahit di namin gusto ang kanta, kailangang […]

Jeg elsker dig

November 23, 2007 in Suzette Lyn's Music

Today I’d planned so many things for myself I went to school and did so many stuffs And I ate with my friends I was tired because I spend my day for myself II When I came home I’d never seen you there I called you but you told me you cannot come home I felt something that I cannot explain I was tired because I spend my day for myself Refrain Oh baby I […]

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