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The Neuroscience of Dating

February 5, 2020 in article, featured, Short Stories

Have you ever thought how active our brains are, when we are dating?  And how attraction can lead us to a complex series of calculations within a matter of seconds in our brain.  Love at first sight Alice had a long day at work. It was only 4pm but she felt like it was already 9pm. She was so hesitant to drop by the grocery store but she was craving steak for dinner.  So she […]

So Close

January 31, 2020 in featured, music

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Quantizing the thing called “Love”

January 23, 2020 in article, featured

After scrutinizing the quantum world, it amplified my perspective about the reality of our existence, and now quantum mechanics became a big part of my daily life.   When I talk to people, I perceive quantum mechanics happening in our brains. If I interact with a happy and loving person, I could visualize, how this person create very specific qualities of emotion that shape DNA. When I get some strange memories, I think about Everett’s theory, […]

We Are Entangled

January 9, 2020 in article, featured

Do you know that all the matters on your body is millions years ago? According to most astrophysicists in CERN, Geneva Switzerland.  All the matter found in the universe today, including the matter in people, plants, animals, the earth, stars, and galaxies was created at the very first moment of time, to be about 13 billion years ago. Scientist believes that if you take all the empty space out from in between the atoms; all […]


November 12, 2019 in article, featured, Uncategorized

Social media has been the easiest way to connect with new people.  I met a lot of Filipinos in Denmark through facebook and the old-fashioned; Friendster and myspace. It gave me an oppurtunity to broaden up my social life in Denmark. One day I got connected to a person through social media. I got stumbled with his profile picture.  And then, I was shocked, speechless and got Goosebumps.  He looks familiar…… …………. and it felt […]


April 3, 2018 in featured, journal

My car had her first car wash last week; after 8 months, since I bought her. I gave the most expensive TLC (Tender loving Care) car wash; pumpered her like a million dollar dream girl, a man could ever imagine!. Then after some days of showing off her beauty; Rainfalls came to Denmark and wash off the expensive car wash. “Ha ha ha!” That was I said today, while i had a though on my […]


January 9, 2016 in featured, music, Suzette Lyn's Music

  Pagkakataon   I Hindi man lang nabigyan ng pagkakataon Na magpaalam sa iyo ng pumanaw ka Hindi ko man lang naitanong sa iyo Kung mahal mo pa bago ipinikit ang iyong mga mata   Chorus Naisip mo b ako? Sinambit mo ba ang ngalan ko Bago ko lumisan dito sa mundo Hinanap mob a ako? Nanabik ka ba sa mga ngiti ko Noong sandaling nagpapaalam ka   II Hindi man lang nabigyan ng pagkakataon […]

Sissy heart

December 13, 2011 in featured, music, Suzette Lyn's Music

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November 23, 2011 in music, Suzette Lyn's Music

MULING SUMAYA ANG MUNDO Composed by Suzette Lyn de Roma July 18, 2007 2:09pm   I Noong una kitang nakita Ako’y hindi man lang nagsasalita Subalit lumapit ka sa akin At ikaw ang una kong nakausap   II Noong panahong lumabas sa mundo Ikaw ang una kong nakasalamuha Ikaw ang unang nagtanong Ng dahilan ng katahimikan   CHORUS At ng dahil sayo Natutunan kong muling ngumiti sa mundo Humarap sa buhay ng may saya At […]

Init ng gabi

April 10, 2011 in poetry

Mainit ang gabi Ako’y di mapakali Walang katahimikan Ang buong katawan Mainit subalit walang pawis Hating gabi subalit di mapanatag Dulat ang mata at naghahanap lamig subalit giniginaw kapag walang saklop sa katawan Alam ko ikaw lamang ang kailangan Sa bawat katamlayan ikaw lamang ang hanap Oh sana tuwing mainit ang gabi Kapiling kita at ako’y nilalambing   Share on Facebook

The moment of our lives

July 16, 2007 in music, Suzette Lyn's Music

Composed by Suzette Lyn Michaelsen Arranged by Jacob Michaelsen     I Walking in the aisle Offering my soul Surrendering my heart To the one I chose II From this day till forever I will love you whenever I will always be on your side I will give my whole heart CHORUS Now I submit my heart and soul I promise to love you until the last breath This is the moment of our lives […]

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