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June 16, 2017 in poetry

Finally found myself Living in the morning light Watching the sun sunrise Having the fresh air inside my bone   I’ve finally found out The afternoon will be tiring But the immidiate force will awaken the numbnes And bring more excitement to finish a good day   I’ve finally see, How special the night could be If the momments will bring joy to every loneliness  And will polish the dreadful night To bring joy in […]

It’s raining again

June 7, 2017 in featured, poetry, Uncategorized

Oh it’s raining again It was hot yesterday Where I could barely naked .. I could show every skin that was hidden And it was given yesterday Oh its raining again It was happy and glory yesterday Where my heart was full of enchantment  And it was so much fun yesterday   Now it’s raining again It’s lonely and colorless again Sad and dispair Dark and melanchony While listening to every tearsdrops of this rain. […]

Bed of Fantasy

February 8, 2011 in poetry

April 6, 2006 3:00pm Seated in the Bed of Fantasy Reposefully conceded my despair heart Nakedly, presented my mystery So that momentarily placed aside my misery Unwept; wept, Unsaid; said Unnoticed; noticed, Unheard; heard You nakedly spread your hands Extended to my existence On this bed of fantasy You embraced my weeping, and tied us for my misery I felt secured, freed And untouchable from disturbance that bothers me On this Bed of fantasy, I […]


May 20, 2006 in poetry

HUBARAN Halika giliw Unti-unti mong alisin ang saplot ng katotohanan Saplot na humahadlang sa ating pagmamahalan Pigilin ang damdamin Yaring takot ay iwaglit Painitin ang gabi Iparamdam ang pigil Alisin ang saplot At sa akin ay iparamdam Init ng katotohanang Iyong sinasaplotan Hubaran ang katotohan Ilantad yaring hubad lumilinglang Ako’y hubad ng iyang natalima Nawa’y alang-alang sa pag-ibig Mahubaran din kitang lubusan 2:22 5-20-06   Share on Facebook

Rain Vow!

March 16, 2006 in poetry

Rainbow appears after the rain It emerged its beauty Probably to give beauty After qualms from storm   Now I wonder and looking around Silence everywhere No rain falls anymore No more tears as well ARE YOU THERE? Can I take away your clothes? Cause I wanna see you naked To see beauty after the rain   MAY 16 2006 Suzette Lyn T. de Roma  “NAKED POET   Share on Facebook

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