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Bed of Fantasy

February 8, 2011 in poetry

April 6, 2006 3:00pm Seated in the Bed of Fantasy Reposefully conceded my despair heart Nakedly, presented my mystery So that momentarily placed aside my misery Unwept; wept, Unsaid; said Unnoticed; noticed, Unheard; heard You nakedly spread your hands Extended to my existence On this bed of fantasy You embraced my weeping, and tied us for my misery I felt secured, freed And untouchable from disturbance that bothers me On this Bed of fantasy, I […]

My palace

May 12, 2006 in poetry

MY PALACE By: Suzette Lyn de Roma (5-12-06/12:13pm) Dream is my Palace I can do whatever I want I can be good or bad I can say whatever I wanna say I can be the powerful princess I can have all things I want I can be somebody, in the palace of my dreams I can see you in my dreams Loving you and holding my arms I wanna you to hold tight And I […]


May 1, 2006 in poetry

LISTENER Since young I only have one listener Every predicament he always listens   During childhood I called him pencil Grammar was not good but he listened to me well   And when I grew up I called him Pen Words are well written, he enjoyed listening   I live my life with one listener, no one listens nor understands No one knows nor believes but listener wrote my being 05/-1/06 4:22pm   Share on […]

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