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March 25, 2020 in featured, poetry

I was antagonizing this obscurity  To obtain my destiny It was sometimes sporadically mediocre Unjust and preferential And to keep myself sagarious It had aggregated too much tears Tore apart my sanity  And suppressed my dignity The point of convergence can never alter the truth Nor deny the consequences It is cosmological   An enigma to reality Unanticipatedly, it bestowed a determination Appeared on my subconsciousness and kept on affirming That this; that I once called, […]

Bed of Fantasy

February 8, 2011 in poetry

April 6, 2006 3:00pm Seated in the Bed of Fantasy Reposefully conceded my despair heart Nakedly, presented my mystery So that momentarily placed aside my misery Unwept; wept, Unsaid; said Unnoticed; noticed, Unheard; heard You nakedly spread your hands Extended to my existence On this bed of fantasy You embraced my weeping, and tied us for my misery I felt secured, freed And untouchable from disturbance that bothers me On this Bed of fantasy, I […]

My palace

May 12, 2006 in poetry

MY PALACE By: Suzette Lyn de Roma (5-12-06/12:13pm) Dream is my Palace I can do whatever I want I can be good or bad I can say whatever I wanna say I can be the powerful princess I can have all things I want I can be somebody, in the palace of my dreams I can see you in my dreams Loving you and holding my arms I wanna you to hold tight And I […]


May 1, 2006 in poetry

Since young I only have one listener Every predicament He always listens   During childhood I called him pencil Grammar was not good But he listened to me well   And when I grew up I called him Pen Words were well written He enjoyed listening   I live my life with one listener No one listens, nor understands No one knows nor believes But listener wrote my being     05/-1/06 4:22pm   Share […]

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