The World of Suzette Lyn

The world of Suzette Lyn is a full pledge project of Suzette Lyn. She is going to share her knowledge and skills through many different platforms such as web series, comicbook, memes, physics game apps and articles.

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Suzette is exploring the world


Suzette is Exploring The World

Take a journey exploring the world with Suzette Lyn, where she interviews scientists from around the globe. Here you will have the opportunity to see interviews from specialists and extraordinary people who specialise in topics from biological sciences to fundamental physics. Aside from just focusing on the topic these scientists have been working on, one will have the opportunity to go back and see how they got to where they are today.



Cartooning My Thoughts

“Physics, chemistry and math aren’t just fun, they’re funny… and they don’t just train the brain, they change it” -Suzette Lyn, The Memes Creator

Collaboration of Thoughts

Articles – The World of Suzette Lyn

Articles of The world of Suzette Lyn


The Misadventures of Alice and Bob

When you think of two people exploring black holes and being part of crazy thought experiments, there are two individuals that come to mind. Their names are Alice and Bob. We all know of the wild and crazy adventures of Alice and Bob. Yet when it comes to their love life things become even more crazy and far more wild. These are the misadventures of Alice and Bob.

The Misadventures of Alice and Bob
Quantum State Patrol

Comic Series

Electron Vs. Quantum State Patrol

Created by “The Superposition Best Friends”

Ms Schrodinger's Kat


Ms. Schrodinger’s KAT

She must be dead and alive at the same time.  

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