The Palace of Cinderella

Singer: Suzette Lyn
Composed by: Suzette Lyn de Roma Michaelsen
Lyrics:  Suzette Lyn
Music of: Jacob Michaelsen
Produced by: Jacob Michaelsen

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You are on palace

On my dreams

I’m a Cinderella on your place

I danced in the center

In the palace

And sang with gladness as a Cinderella



On my palace

I held you tight

On my palace I danced with you

In the palace I owned, I crowned

In the palace

You are mine



In the Palace of my dreams

You are mine

In the palace of my loneliness

I dreamt with you

Oh darling



Cinderella tales came true

Because of you

You’re the prince and the man on my dreams

My wish came true because you own

The palace on my dreams



A rare love story

As they says

A fairy tale that come true

But this is real

You are mine

I’m now in palace as a Cinderella

Suzette Lyn
Everything starts with a simple thought
... then I will think how the particles work
......then I will come out with the idea how the body works

then I bring these thoughts to reality
.. I will look at my sorroundings
.. observe how the reality works
.. so I can make an article, songs, poems, quotations, drawings (vector graphics), video, animation and so on..

and I call it.. "The Art of Thinking"