Since young

I only have one listener

Every predicament

He always listens


During childhood

I called him pencil

Grammar was not good

But he listened to me well


And when I grew up

I called him Pen

Words were well written

He enjoyed listening


I live my life with one listener

No one listens, nor understands

No one knows nor believes

But listener wrote my being



05/-1/06 4:22pm


Suzette Lyn
Everything starts with a simple thought
... then I will think how the particles work
......then I will come out with the idea how the body works

then I bring these thoughts to reality
.. I will look at my sorroundings
.. observe how the reality works
.. so I can make an article, songs, poems, quotations, drawings (vector graphics), video, animation and so on..

and I call it.. "The Art of Thinking"